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What people say

Natasha Tobin

Board Director Pavilion Dance South West

Helga is an outstanding marketing manager, with solid skills around insight management, and the design of very solid, strategic, marketing campaigns. Many marketers happily deliver the tactics, but few, especially in arts management, work on the basis of evidence and outcomes, which leads to better targeted and delivered campaigns.
At PDSW Helga made a major contribution to the development of our audiences and stakeholder base. We have steadily grown our reputation and following since 2010. Helga's brochures and marketing materials, which range from participation in classes to dance as an art form, were regarded as excellent in a recent Arts Council report. Helga puts the effort in, gives a lot, and supports all her colleagues. I am really pleased to have worked with Helga - she's such a great asset to any strategic marketing team.

Producer, Lancaster Arts

Katherine Baldwin

Coach, writer and motivational speaker

I enjoyed my coaching session with Helga. She asked insightful, pertinent questions that helped me to get to the root of my struggles in relation to my creativity and to decide on next steps. She is an excellent listener and I am happy to recommend her coaching services.

Emilie Giles

I decided it was time to take part in some life coaching after years of putting it off; Helga was great! She helped me to focus on specific goals I needed to focus on and gave me the encouragement to follow them.
Life coaching in my opinion is a bit like someone holding a mirror up to you; you often know what you need to know, you just need to do it! I like this, and I like how it's about looking forward to the future. 
For anyone feeling a 'bit stuck', or a bit unconfident in following someone they would like to do please consider taking this jump! It's very powerful and I think can be of use to many people.

Emilie Froud

Dance Practitioner/Artist and Arts Marketeer

I came to Helga, wanting to try some coaching around my career pathway. I felt a bit lost in the noise of all the areas that interest me. However, in just 4 sessions – Helga helped me pinpoint what I organically love and value and make a 2-year plan. A brilliant listener, Helga was able to understand all my ramblings and ask all the right questions. I didn’t know much about coaching beforehand but found it incredibly useful. I found a huge sense of clarity in my short-term and long-term goals. Helga is trustworthy, holds space very well, and understands creative / arts careers


Hannah Crosson

Artist and Personal Development Coach

I have been working with Helga as a coach for the past 10 months and in that time I have gleefully exploded into becoming the person, that for years, I have wanted to become. I was drawn to Helga for coaching as I find her to be calm, grounded and wise and was confident in being vulnerable with her from the very beginning. In short, I trusted her from the get go and through that trust I have uncovered and discovered learning about myself that is transforming me from a very deep place and helping me to change my inner critic and bring my creative spirit out into the world. I have received both coaching and talking therapies from a number of other people and feel I am thriving most from my sessions with Helga. She’s incredible at holding space, asking pertinent questions and fearlessly going to places with me so that I can explore my dark spaces with the safety of her company. I cannot recommend Helga highly enough.

Producer, Lancaster Arts

Charlotte Mackie

Arts Manager and Producer

I did a coaching session with Helga and she really helped me delve into some things that I had been pondering. She listened, gently probed and helped me set some useful personal goals.

It was a really helpful experience and I would recommend Helga highly. She is a kind and thoughtful person and this comes across in how she practices Life Coaching.

Alice Booth

Producer, Lancaster Arts

Helga is a generous and supportive coach.

Her demeanour is calm and nurturing, and I completely trust her to hold the space in a reassuring and sensitive way.

Kate McStraw

Independent Creative Producer

Helga has attention to detail that is second to none,
with a deep understanding of funders' requirements.
She has proofread my past successful funding applications with great care and clear guidance to move them into a stronger position.
I always seek Helga's advice before submitting
any application.

Tamara Hinson

Pilates Instructor and Studio Owner

Helga provided me with a website
that I am so proud to share.

Her ideas, support and communication were fantastic throughout and I always felt she knew exactly what I wanted and what was needed. Not only did she design the whole website with such patience and expertise , she even designed me my very own logo!

Natalie Junge

Troubleshooter, Change- and Crisis Manager

Helga has proofread main parts of my MBA dissertation, ensuring correct spelling, scientific style and consistent numbering of chapters.
She is quick, focused and on the spot, and she only re-phrases where absolutely necessary, which is something that I particularly liked. Having her throwing in one or two funny comments really helped me through the annoying period of editing the dissertation after months full of exciting research and writing, and I can only encourage fellow students to schedule for an external proofreader like Helga, too.
​Thanks a lot for that!

Micky Lyne

Graphic Designer

I’ve worked with Helga on a couple of projects, but I was mostly impressed with her re-writing of my website and marketing copy. I supplied a brief outline of the sort of thing I wanted to say, and Helga successfully crafted it into succinct, engaging and informative text that got my message across much better than I could have done.
Further to that, I needed some directory copy which had a word count restriction. Again, from an outline that had far too much text, Helga re-wrote it exactly to the maximum number of words without any loss to the content meaning. In fact, it would have been better to get Helga to write this.
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