"Helga is a generous and supportive coach. Her demeanour is calm and nurturing, and I completely trust her to hold the space in a reassuring and sensitive way."

Alice Booth, Producer, Lancaster Arts


Why Coaching?

When you are on a hike you might have a good sense of direction, but you will nevertheless occasionally check your compass to find true north. Coaching can be that compass.

Coaching can help us reflect, explore directions and re-focus our attention. It is part of a whole suite of supporting tools that can be useful at some point or other in our lives and careers, including, but not limited to mindfulness, training, mentoring, counselling or therapy. It is applicable to both personal and professional development.


Whether you are developing a new strategic trajectory for your organisation or freelance creative business, or whether you would like to explore if the path you’re on still feels right for you, coaching could be for you.

​Coaching is empowering because it affords agency to the person who is being coached. The coaching approach is based on trusting that we already know the answers and solutions that work for us. The coach is there to provide a safe space for thinking and self-guided learning. They listen, reflect and question to enable you to find your own way, your own solution.

Coaching can be compared to a lighthouse beacon – it doesn’t tell the ships where to go but it illuminates the surroundings, so the ships can see their path more clearly.

I did a coaching session with Helga and she really helped me delve into some things that I had been pondering. She listened, gently probed and helped me set some useful personal goals.

It was a really helpful experience and I would recommend Helga highly. She is a kind and thoughtful person and this comes across in how she practices Life Coaching.”

Charlotte Mackie, Arts Manager and Producer

My Coaching Journey

I first encountered coaching on a course about leadership skills with Relational Dynamics 1st. Impressed with their approach, I have been practising it in group settings since 2015. In 2021 I graduated as an accredited Relational Dynamics 1st coach and have since been working with clients in 1:1 settings.

Relational Dynamics is an approach to leadership and life which draws on theories and tools from a wide and eclectic range of sources including person-centred coaching, psychology, emotional intelligence, NLP and contemporary research into leadership and modern day communications.

Put simply … relational dynamics is the art of interaction with self and others.” (


Please contact me below if you would like to find out more about working with me and whether coaching could be the right approach for you.

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